Maester Vitas

An aristocratic, and polite, Lich King.


Almost skeletal in appearance, with wizened flesh pulled taught over his bones, Vitas nevertheless has a very powerful presence. His clothing though very fine and expensive has surrendered to the rigours of time.


Once a wizard of the highest level, at some stage Vitas became a Lich.

He once ruled the land of Vassa from his home of Castle Perilous, that is until a group of Paladins (possibly the Brotherhood of Vitas) lead an army against him and trapped him in a magical sword for almost a thousand years.

Solderers loyal to him are called the Necrotizers.

Vitas was recently resurrected with the help of Sildar Hallwinter and one of the last of his family line Joe.

He has now returned with Sildar to Vassa.

Maester Vitas

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