Sildar Hallwinter

A seemingly kindhearted human male of nearly fifty years.


Grey hair, 50s human.


Sildar met Gundren Rockseeker in Neverwinter and agreed to hire a group of adventurers for him to protect hs cargo and to accompany him back to Phandalin. Along the way he was captured by a group of Craigmaw Goblins, who were after Grunden. He was taken to the Craigmaw Hideout, and kept there until he was rescued by the group of adventurers he hired, they escorted him to Phandalin.

Once there, Sildar began looking for Iarno Albrek, a fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance, who disappeared while exploring the area around Tresendar Manor about two months ago.

After Iarno was discovered leading the Redbrands and killed by his second in command, Vascious, Sildar seeks to help lead the town in a time of great strife. As an agent of the Lords’ Alliance, Sildar’s goal is ostensibly to bring law and order to Phandalin. As such he’s essential in helping to protect it from The Black Spider’s attack, and he tries to be elected as mayor after Harbin Wester resigns in disgrace. However he’s beaten by a newcomer, a Half-Orc by the name of Granil.

Secretly though Sildar is first and foremost a member of the Necrotizers a fanatical organisation which serves Maester Vitas – a Lich who has been lost for almost a thousand years, imprisoned in a magical sword.

He has used his influence from the beginning to locate both the sword and Joe (apparently one of the two surviving members of Vitas’ line) and channel events such that Joe would be the one to find the sword and wield it. Sildar then stayed near trying to ensure that his master would be reborn.

Once this occurred on the road between Phandalin and Neverwinter in 1481DR, he left with Vitas for Vassa.

Sildar Hallwinter

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