Adolesent Green Dragon


Huge, scaled and frighteningly intelligent. Venomfang was expending his reign over a considerable part of the woodland East of Neverwinter.

He was a master manipulator and had a gang of slaves, cultists and spies serving him and informing him about the wider goings on around The Sword Coast.

Venomfang was interested in expanding his influence further and faster by using the negative ageing side effects of an artefact known as the Moonstone of Shar to accelerate his growth into an adult or ancient dragon.

To try to kill two birds with one stone he hired the party for a decent sum of money to retrieve the Moonstone for him. The deal was that they’d give it to him (without knowing what it could do) and leave him alone.

Despite him ambushing the party after they acquired the Moonstone they gained the upper hand an killed him in battle.



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