A Perilous Journey

Episode 34


After looting the dragon and the corpse of Varis the party end up richer to the tune of:

  • 387,000GP
  • The Oathbow
  • A Wand of Magic Missiles
  • A Necklace with four Gorgon symbols.

An attempt by Ethia to harvest a significant number of dragon scales fails as there is just too much damage to the dragon’s hide.

The group rescue the villagers who’d been left trapped in various drift mines or the main dungeon. They are very grateful.

On examining the necklace Therren finds that two of the symbols are intact and seem magically linked to something, however 2 are faded and damaged potentially indicating a gorgon was released. One of the two faded symbols is still warm and with some direction finding the party deduce that a Gorgon may have been recently released at Elmhatch, probably during the fight.

They quickly saddle up and head for Elmhatch after convincing Capitan Winston who is very upset at the deaths of many of his crew. They take some Elmhatch residents and Meadowin. Gorgons are the topic of discussion during the half day’s flight.

As they fly over Elmhatch, they spot a still, silent and damaged Gorgon amonst the remains of the village, bodies lie everywhere. Therren wants to leave things as they are, Arranis wants to kill it. From the air the Gorgon doesn’t seem to respond to them so they poly-morph the Gorgon into a hedgehog, and Eric and Arranis drop in and dispatch it. Eric takes the Head as an ornament for the ship’s prow. Elmhatch’s residents are left there and others appear from the surrounding forest for a a bitter-sweet reunion. Two stone statues in the village mark where the Gorgon’s breath petrified some of the villagers.

The party and Meadowin fly on to Phandalin, mooring outside the main gate.

They end up in the Stonehill Inn celebrating their victory, there they encounter various folks inlcuding Quelline, Perrin, Droop, Carp and the town’s accountant, Charles Charleston. Eric also runs into James Smith who still has armour for him. Joe is quite successful with a barmaid until Nephenee walks past asking him how the deck swabbing was going. Charles is unable to get the group to hire him on to look after their newly found wealth.

The group decide that they want to invest their wealth to build a keep at Thundertree and use it as a jumping off point to rebuild the whole village into a thriving small town. They co-opt Quelline to be the holder of their funds for this and she and Meadowin agree to organise the building process. Quelline will take on responsibility of hiring all the labour as well as the staff who’ll run the place once completed. She goes off to formulate some plans.

Ethia tries to find any druid recruits in town and locates one’s home but she’s out so a druidic rune is left for her carved into the door. Ethia has asked that Quelline includes a Druid school in the new buildings at Thundertree.

Some of the party go outside the town and leave a number of “otherworldly” items in the bag of holding for and place it under a rock as they’d agreed with their mysterious helper in the strange plane they’d visited. The Moonstone of Shar is among the items left.

The group fly on to Neverwinter taking out group of imps (devils) on the way who seemed interested in Ethia, fortunately they aren’t around long enough to tell anyone about spotting her.

Eric meets with Midas Shirk, (with Therren eavesdropping in mist form) he waives the investigation around Vitas due to the fact they’ve defeated Venomfang. He has concerns about the group and the collateral damage they’re inflicting, the Lord’s Alliance and the Order of the Gauntlet would both like the party to answer to someone. They offer Eric a promotion and ask him to direct the party to investigate and possibly cure the plague from the West – contact has been lost with the Moonshae Isles. He also asks they take Arranis along as an observer. Finally he mentions an issue with king, he’s been acting oddly recently.

Ethia tries to see Wan Shui but apparently he’s gone to Waterdeep in his quest for missing people. She also looks for druids, finding four more potentials but no teacher. A check of her artefact shows that the problem is getting worse but is not yet critical hers is still not the last remaining free.

Nennah asks around and gets two pictures inked (one of her former “guardian” and one of her brother). She asks around and a smith reckons he’s seen the older guy (he shoed a horse for him) but not for some time.

Therren speaks to Danethil ask is asked about other missing harper. Therren has to admit he’d forgotten to go looking for him. Danethil also mentions strange actions by the king, specifically a restriction on the arcane magic users who’d been so sought after not long ago..

Nepehnee receives a letter from Laragillys Willowsgale, her sister: their mother is dead, killed from the disease which killed a number of people at a port in Evermeet. Her mother insisted the overworked healers looked after som children in preference to her, knowing it would cost her own life. Laragillys is heading off to the Moonshaes to investigate the source of the outbreak.

The party hire Captain Winston and whoever his new crew are on a permanent contract. Basd on conversations in Phandalin, Droop is suggested as an engineer and the Captain agrees.

The Elysium makes a journey to Waterdeep to drop off some final cargo. Nephenee and Nennah go along, Nennah asks about the man in her picture there and finds people who knew him, but it seems he’s been missing for a couple of weeks.

The ship is now re provisioned, with a number of new crew members and ready for the flight west.



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