A Perilous Journey

Episode 40

The Underdock

A quick discussion about the invading imps takes place. This is the second time that they’ve seemingly stalked the party. A knowing look between Arranis and Ethia. Ethia confirms that the imps are after her and she mentions that the one that got away was man sized. Additional guards are posted to mitigate against future incursions.

In the past days of boredom the party have been training and studying the healing arts. This new knowledge they’ve been able to learn regarding how to cast Greater Restoration is applied by Nennah and Ethia in combination with Lesser Restoration over four days to cure everyone who was infected of the disease and also to remove its longer term effects completely.

Therren has been learning a telepathy spell to facilitate silent group communication over long distances. He casts it on everyone to test it out.

Sovelics also reveals a lot more about his current home below the bay at Stony Point (the area they’re going). He tells of the lighthouse and it keeper (an elderly Dwarf who’s been around since before the DEA came here), the sea wall, the beach, the mostly deserted village, the DEA HQ building and draws a crude map of the places he’s seen. He also mentions several areas of the Underdark below the HQ such as the Lobby, the Bowl (and the potential of danger from the acid that’s meant to be stored above), the Food Hall, the Temple of Lolth and the Warehouse. Finally he mentions a rumour of an “Underdock” (presumably near to the Warehouse) where DEA ships can load and unload their cargo in secret and safety.

Using the map as a reference Therren risks his sanity in casting a spell to commune with the gods themselves to get some answers. After confirming the existence of the Underdock, he narrows down the area of the map that has the entrance.

After much planning – approach slowly and reconnoitre is the order of the day. The party fly in during a storm and spot a damaged merchant ship heading in flying the flag of the DEA, It is called The Wandering Eye and appears to have taken some serious damage from a clawed beast, possibly the Wyvern. This worries the Captain.

Ethia turns Eric into a seagull and he heads in over the island, spots the elderly dwarf at the lighthouse, and two ships in the bay, he finds the Underdock entrance following The Wandering Eye, and then breaks off the look at the HQ building spying a guard with a bell on duty on the roof.

The Elysium peels off and returns next day, unfortunately now with less cover from the weather. Just before dawn in the low morning fog, the party with water breathing capability courtesy of Ethia jump in and swim underwater to the island, however they’re soon in trouble and Ethia turns into a crocodile to help out Therren and Joe, as more of the party begin to struggle, she shifts again into a killer whale to drag the whole party into shallower waters. They’re just barely able to make it without being dashed against the rocks and the reef by tidal forces. They manage to enter the shelter of the bay (still below water) and follow the tunnel the Eric found.

The party continues inside and Nepehenee finds a safe spot sheltered from view on the far side of the docks. She emerges, teeth chattering and checks around seeing a guarded entrance one way and a rock fall that opens into a tunnel in the other. Nephenee’s experience suggests it might have been made by UmberHulks.

Everyone now emerges shivering on to The Wandering Eye, whose crew are gone (for the moment) and they find blankets to get dried off, the party with Pass Without Trace manage to avoid detection by the guards but everyone feels like they’re being watched even though they’re certain that no one can see them.

As they search the ship Joe and Eric find crates of empty glass potion bottles seemingly freshly manufactured and a number of boxes of various types of expensive and rare mirrors on board the ship.

After a short rest the party start to consider how to gain entrance unnoticed to continue forward into the Underdark lair before them in order to find a cure for the disease, learn the fate of Nephenee’s sister, liberate the Drow and destroy Maaruig



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