A Perilous Journey

Episode 55


After meeting with the leader of Everlund and ensuring that he has everything they need. The party uses Nennah’s Sanctuary to return to the ship. Therren is still somewhat in shock due to the loss of his arm during the fight. Much discussion is had about where to go next and should the party move and rest at the same time. IN the end they decide to stay put for the night and head out in the morning once they have better handle on where they should go.

Matilda attempts to scry for Ethia but is unable to find her so either she’s on another plane, dead or is being purposely hidden by magic.

Treetips is located near to one of the mountains but Ethia’s mountain is not much farther than the closest one and the party decide to head there to try to get ahead of the Pit Fiend and lay a trap for him. He doesn’t know that they can travel so fast!

During the journey, Droop helps out with Tarn on constructing a new arm for Therren. Its basic at this point, but is enough to mount his gun and be usable. It also has clip mounting for his staff. Tarn also begins work on magic to modify his Googles Of Night to allow him to see through Ben’s eyes.

A plan is hatched to try to use Nennah’s banishment spell against the Pit Fiend and then pull out of a fight, if the spell is concentrated on for enough time. He’ll be stranded back in the Nine Hells.

When they reach Dragonspire’s Peak, Nennah searches for any sign of the Fiend but none is found. In fact all life seems to be giving the area a wide berth. The party manage to spot some weird footprints in snow near the top of the mountain. On investigation they lead to a blank wall which turns out to be an illusion. A doorway has been recently extended down from a smaller high up hole in the rock face. Root jumps down from the Elysium taking very little damage and helps everyone else down through its branches. The party now head inside the doorway and are soon ambushed by a strange creature, a brain with four legs. An intellect devourer! Tarn now knows exactly the type of creatures likely to rule this mountain…




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