A Perilous Journey

Episode 53

The King in Crimson Comes

Direct and immediate attack. Ethia erupting earth twice.

Nennah summoning spirit guardians to help deal with guards/ rescue civilians, firing off various spells the PF shrugs off. Also tries to summon help from Deity but Mystra not listening at the moment.

Joe doing consistent damage and wrestling with imps for his bow.

Tarn up on tower, gets FB’d and tail whipped badly, Ethia darts out to heal him and exposes herself in non-animal form to the PF who knocks her out.

Isodol Staggers into view and fires off a massive bolt of lightening. Also tries Bigby’s hand but FB’d to unconscious.

Therren/Eric combo with Dimension door, Eric attacks and action surges then cloak bamfs out again.

Horn taken off the PF by Eric’s Ring blast?

Pit Fiend accuses Therren of Hiding the Artefact, senses Ethia has it now and tries to take her.

Invisible entity (same one as before) attacks Therren, ask what he’s been doing to mask the Artefact.

Eric flys after the PF as Joe targets long range arrows. PF Fb’s Eric again and again, as Therren bamfs onto Ethia’s legs dangling from the PF trying to get an opportunity to heal her/wake her. PF smaks Therren full on with firey axe and betwwen this and the fall damage almost kills him outright. As Therren loses concentration, Eric falls.

Pit fiend flys low into town buildings to avoid Joe’s arrows and makes it away heavily wounded but with an unconscious Ethia (and Artefact) in tow.



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