A Perilous Journey

Episode 54


Ethia wakes up in stone room 30×30 alone Artefact gone from her body. Poor stitches suggest she’s been kept alive.

Many hours pass before a door appears in the wall and imps chuck a metal bowl of food in.

Time is hard to gauge.

Ethia tries to cast/change but is blocked by arcane metal cuffs, she manages to get hands in front and study the lock but has no tools and is unable to pick it.

As she readies an attampt to rush out when the door comes back, she winds up smacking into a well dressed gentlman in a fine set of long sleeved robes. he often stands at ease hands behind his back. Name is Ricardo or Rick – It seems he’s also a prisoner.

From Neverwinter originally and handy with a sword, he was exploring near hell’s gate Keep and was hit by several imps.

Rick is able to pull some parts of the metal plate to bits and also has a pin on him which he’s eventually able to get her cuffs off with, they trade stories somewhat and Rick is interested in her band of friends and wants to know where she might be able to take him that’s safe. Ethia doesn’t say as she doesn’t totally trust this character, though she can’t put her finger on why not. She agrees to take him there if they can escape together.

Chip away rock, Ethia opens door in stone wall, black void out there with ither floating 30×30×30 rooms in it.

When door reforms Ethia opens a stone door again hoping to surprise but it again leads into the void. She and Rick jump the imp and she goes air elemental straigt at a Warlock in the coridoor. he smaks her witha finger of death as rick fights off the imps. Ethia smashes past the warlock and with rick in tow they reach the top od some steps opening out to 5 towers ( 1 destroyed) )and a curtain wall with doors in.

A tent is visibly with incarcerated arcanists init and red guardds around.

Ethia wants to rescur the prisoners and has rick try to do so as she causes a distracton. Firballs from Flamskull based cannons on top of the towers kock her back into Ethia form and she manageds to take over a gun and use ot to take out the top of the final tower that weas yet to fire.

Rick downs the test and sets arcainists dfree to give them an opporutinty to escape (not really what Ethia hd in mind) as th giants and devels are more concent#red with the arcanists As she runs/flys away summonong elementals for protection from the imps Rick and an arcanaist dim door out to a tree and wait for her to get them waya.

She transports all three of them to Treetips.

a big ritual had been about to go down and ethia has disrupted it and bough time, but how much?



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