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An intrepid group of heroic adventurers…


Pulled together by a kindly old Knight called Sildar Hallwinter, all they wanted was to score some gold by transporting a wagonload of goods from Neverwinter to Phandalin… Instead they ended up heros for saving both places by putting a stop to the deranged plans of an evil wizard called The Black Spider.


However whilst investigating the nefarious intentions of Venomfang, a green dragon which has taken up residence in the wider area, they learn that their whole reason for being together at all was a lie. Sildar Hallwinter saw them as only a means to accompany one of the the last surviving members of his master's family, Joe, while he unwittingly completed the blood magic necessary to resurrect a Lich from his long imprisonment and restore him to full health.

Since then, they’ve journey around the coast collecting enough information, artefacts and experience to allow them to defeat Venomfang and his associate wizard Varis in battle.

They have followed leads towards the cause of a mysterious illness in the West and tracked down and killed Maruuig, a beholder who had taken over the DEA.


Now they continue their adventures as they try to deal with the anti-arcane sentiment that has taken over Neverwinter while investigating Devil incursions to the North where Ethai’s artefact remains the last line of defence keeping a portal to the Nine Hells from being opened fully.


All the time, they are learning and preparing for the time that they must correct their mistakes, journey to Castle Perilous in Vassa and end Maester Vitas' regin once and for all!


Home Page

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